Hurricanes edge Blueshirts 1-0

Jyri Niemi and the Rangers prospects lost a 1-0 game to Kyle Lawson and the 'Canes on Sunday.
The Rangers prospects fell to the Carolina Hurricanes prospects 1-0 on Sunday in their second game of the 2010 Traverse City Prospects Tournament at the Traverse City Centre Ice complex's David's Rink.

Here is an in-game account of what took place. All times are Eastern Standard.



It's a final. Carolina has won the game 1-0. The Rangers will need to beat Minnesota on Tuesday and hope for Columbus to beat Carolina. Shots were 33-26, as Carolina's Murphy made all 33 saves, and Cam Talbot finished with 25 for the Rangers. The goaltending duel marked the second straight win by Carolina over a Rangers prospects team and ended the Blueshirts' overall Traverse City streak at four games, dating back to last year.

Goal off the rush, ultimately scored with some traffic in front. Talbot was screened on the play..

7:34 -- Carolina has scored with 56.8 seconds to go.

7:31 -- 3:11 to go. Faceoff in neutral zone.

7:29 -- Icing against Carolina with 4:34 to go. Shots are 32-25.

7:27 -- Only 6:13 to go in third. Rangers looking good on power play. Murphy might have hurt himself on last play, but he is back up after talking to trainer.

7:25 -- Carolina's Rissanen off for interference. Rangers pressure on power play with Stepan getting best chance so far.

7:24 -- Big save by Talbot on a redirection. 6:58 to go. Shots are 32-24.

7:23 -- McIlrath great play. Loses stick, but takes Skinner out and then makes hand pass to clear zone.

7:21 -- Good pressure and Rangers driving to net, but this is a goaltending show for Murphy, who has 29 saves.

7:19 -- Kennedy for tripping is the call. Rangers have top line out with Niemi and Manning.

7:18 -- Rangers draw a penalty at 9:15 mark. This could be an important power play given the fact that one goal might be enough tonight.

7:16 -- Big stop on Thomas by Murphy after nice rush by Grachev and Stepan. Another stop on Shinnimin. Shots are 28-22 with 11:36 to go.

7:15 -- 13:10 to go. Talbot has been strong this period. It's a goaltending duel.

7:13 -- A lot of Carolina pressure as Rangers skaters were tired. Talbot came up very big with some saves. 14:41 to go. Shots 25-20.

7:10 -- Coincidental minors.  Carolina's Skinner and Niemi for the Rangers.

7:08 -- Power play negated at 2:05. Shinnimin for high sticking. Nice save by Talbot through traffic.

7:07 -- Carolina penalty at 1:35. McKenzie slashing.

7:06 -- Carry-over penalty ended. Top line skating well to open third. Draw delayed penalty. Talbot to the bench.

7:04 -- Third period under way.

7:03 -- Players on ice for third period.


6:48 -- Period ends with shots at 25-16 for Rangers. Carolina dodged a bullet on the power play, which will carry over for 19 seconds into the next period. Some of the best scoring chances of the game came in that last sequence. You could see Murphy's experience come into play, but he was very fortunate that the last shot by Niemi hit him in the mask.

6:47 -- Tremendous Rangers pressure from top unit. Niemi fired three cannons from the right point. He really has a strong shot from back there. Murphy then managed to Niemi charging in from the point when the puck hit his mask. The bounces have gone Carolina's way for much of this game. Period ends amid heavy Rangers pressure. Some great plays from Niemi.

6:45 -- McNaught draws penalty at 18:19. Taken down (tripping) behind the net by Carolina's Lawson.

6:44 -- McIlrath breaks up 2-on-1 and McNaught nearly scores crashing net at other end. 2:22 to go. Shots 22-15.

6:43 -- Penalty over. Big save on a Yogan backhander. Murphy is very sharp here.

6:41 -- Halfway through a Rangers power play. Second unit is out with McDonagh and McIlrath at points.

6:40 -- Carolina called for too-many-men at 14:28.

6:37 -- 6:52 to go. Shots are 21-14

6:35 -- Yogan came down right side and hit post on a backhand. Murphy had to freeze it for a faceoff.

6:34 -- Under 10 minutes to go. Great speed by Christian Thomas on a shorthanded partial breakaway. He can really fly, but Murphy saw it all the way.

6:33 -- Talbot stops back-to-back shots while shorthanded. Shots 19-11 for Rangers.

6:32 -- Rangers penalty at 9:14 against Dylan McIlrath for holding.

6:30 -- Another save by Murphy with Tessier unable to put in rebound as defender got right to him .

6:29 -- Rangers apply pressure with Werek, Bourque and Grachev on ice during line change.Strong cycle down low is eventually broken up. Fast pace here. Shinnimin stopped by Murphy in tight. 12:15 to go. Shots 16-10.

6:27 -- Big stop by Talbot on power play drive from Lawson. Rangers win faceoff and come other way with Grachev and Stepan. Penalty over.

6:25 -- McDonagh, McIlrath kill penalty with McKelvie and Tessier. Horak and Yogan also killing with Manning and Baldwin.

6:24 -- Penalty to Kundratek. Carolina on power play with just under 16 minutes to go. Interference call.

6:23 -- Bourque nice centering pass to Grachev on the rush, but puck ended up in his skates as he crashed the net.

6:21 -- 17:25 to go. Shots 16-8.

6:20 -- Save by Murphy. First shot of period. Faceoff in Carolina zone, won by the Canes, who come up ice and force Talbot to make a save.

6:18 -- Second period under way. No. 1 line is out.

6:17 -- Players back out on the ice for the second period. On the other rink here, Detroit is facing Tampa Bay. Detroit has a lot of fans here, as would be expected, so a lot of the focus is going to be on that game, which is already tied 1-1.


6:02 -- First period ends. Rangers outshot Carolina 14-7 and will have a very brief power play to open the second period. Game is scoreless and has featured very good goaltending and defensive discipline on the part of both teams.

6:01 -- Stepan unit comes out for last 49 seconds of period. Murphy made a couple of stops on long drives by Niemi. Shots 14-7.

6:00 -- Interference against Jeff Skinner.  Werek unit starts power play for Rangers with Manning and Baldwin.

5:58 -- Carolina penalty at 18:09. Rangers going on power play.

5:57 -- Wilson gets five minutes for fighting along with Carolina's Kennedy.

5:56 -- Fight off a faceoff. Rangers' Jason Wilson was the winner. He is quite a quick puncher.

5:55 -- Under three minutes to go. Stepan just wheeled around but shot wide. Shots are 13-7.

5:53 -- Under four minutes to go. Marc Staal's youngest brother Jared is playing on Carolina's third line.

5:52 -- Another nice Talbot save. Both goalies are on their game here.

5:51 -- Talbot glove save. 5:08 top go in period. Shots 12-5.

5:50 -- McIlrath doing a great job in front  of net helping keep pressure off Talbot. He just knocked a guy flat.

5:49 -- Huge save on Stepan breakaway at 13-minute mark. Best chance of game. Almost like a penalty shot. Top line skating very well again.

5:48 -- Nice pad save by Talbot on open man in slot. 7:40 to go. Puck in Carolina zone. Good killing here. Penalty over.

5:47 -- Thomas in box for tripping. Talbot just faced another shot and stopped it. McIlrath clears puck. He is on with McNaught, Yogan and Horak.

5:46 -- Penalty killed. Shots still 10-2. Rangers penalty.

5:45 -- Talbot freezes puck with 33 seconds left in power play. 10:08 to go.

5:44 -- NYR power play with No. 1 unit out but good killing effort by Carolina so far.

5:42 -- Rangers just had rush and Murphy made a couple of big, sprawling saves. 11:36 to go. Shots are 10-2. Carolina penalty for cross-checking on Caria.

5:40 -- Talbot stops play. 13:59 to go. Shots 8-2 Rangers. They are doing a nice job at the blue line to make it tough for Carolina to enter zone. Defensive coverage has been strong so far in helping Talbot.

5:38 -- Nice save on Yogan coming down right side. 14:35 to go. Hitting starts to pick up.

5:37 -- Shots 6-2 now with 15:57 to go. Carolina not getting much offense and only in transition.

5:36 -- Murphy stop on Manning and then another save after the faceoff.  Shots are 5-2 for Rangers.

5:34 -- Whistle with 17:32 to go. Play has been  mostly in Carolina end, but Talbot just made a big stop on a shot from the right circle off the rush.

5:32 -- First period under way.

5:31 p.m. -- Anthem concluded. Players getting ready for opening faceoff. Top line starts with McIlrath and McDonagh.

5:29 p.m. -- Players on the ice for the anthem.

5:19 p.m. -- As far as Carolina's lineup, first-rounder Jeff Skinner is set to center the top line. Skinner is his team's youngest player. Mike Murphy, an AHL-experienced goalie who was on Carolina's championship team here last year, is in net for the Hurricanes.

5:18 -- Healthy scratches for the Rangers are Bast, Klassen and Maggio. Talbot is in goal with Stajcer as backup.

5:17 -- Here are the Rangers defense pairings: McDonagh-McIlrath, Baldwin-Manning, Niemi-Kundratek.

5:16 -- Warm-ups are over. Here are the Rangers lines for this game. Bourque-Stepan-Grachev, Shinnimin-Werek-Thomas, Yogan-Tessier-McKelvie, Wilson-Horak--McNaught.

5:15 -- Warm-ups are concluding now. Ryan McDonagh wearing the "C" again. Stepan and Grachev wearing the "A".

4:50 -- Dallas has beaten St. Louis 4-1 in the other game. That is now a final score. Among the eight teams, Minnesota is now 2-0-0, Detroit and the Rangers are now 1-0-0, Dallas and St. Louis are 1-1-0. Carolina and Tampa Bay are 0-1-0, and Columbus is 0-2-0.

4:40  -- The Zamboni has made fresh ice for warm-ups here at David's Rink, following Minnesota's impressive 5-1 win over Columbus. Should the Rangers beat the Hurricanes today, they would be playing Minnesota for the Gretzky Division championship on Tuesday. We'll have an update here when warm-ups begin. In the other afternoon game, on the Huntington Rink, Dallas is on its way to a win over St. Louis, late in the third period. That would open up the door for Detroit to take the Howe Division lead if the Wings beat Tampa Bay in tonight's other game.