New York Rangers at the 2010 Olympics

Chad Johnson World Championship Archive

Chad Johnson
May 18, 2010

Tuesday Morning:
Today we play the Czech Republic. Two days ago, we played Team Sweden and we ended up losing, so today is a big game for us because if we win we end up in third and the Czechs will be out of the tourney. If we lose, we will be in fourth place.

The Sweden game was another tough game for us. Sweden played solid and played a real patient game. I got to see some more action in the second and third periods of that game, but we ended up losing 3-1.

On our day off yesterday, I just spent time with my dad and uncle. We skated in the morning. In the afternoon, we walked to the zoo here in Heidelberg, Germany. The zoo wasn’t very big, but we did see some lions, tigers, snakes and monkeys, which were just some of the animals that they had. It wasn’t the greatest zoo in the world, but it was still something to do.

Tuesday Evening:
So today’s game ended up 3-2 for the Czech Republic. We played a good game. Chris Mason played a great game today and was the player of the game. With the loss tonight, and Russia winning against Finland, we will be playing Russia in the quarterfinals. We will now move to Cologne, Germany, tomorrow and if we win, we move on. Our game against Russia is set for Thursday.

May 15, 2010

Yesterday was our best game so far, as we won 12-1 against Norway. The first period was pretty tight, and neither team really took control. The second period rolled around, and it seemed like once we scored our third goal the guys really turned it up and looked pretty relaxed and played well the rest of the game.

I got to see some more World Championship action in the third, and I felt a lot more comfortable this time around. The team played great, and we moved on to the next part of the tournament. John Tavares had three goals on the night, and Jordan Eberle got Player of the Game with five points. Both had great games.

Last night was a good night, and today we had an optional skate, which I attended along with about eight other guys. Mark Messier put on the skates for the ice time, and we did a few skating drills and shooting drills.

Some of the players, coaches and staff family members got in today or yesterday. Guys spent time with their families for the day. My dad and uncle made the trip over, and Team Canada does a great job looking after all of the families, including planning events and other activities for them when the players are busy. Today they organized a castle tour, which was cool.

Tomorrow is a big day for the team. We face a very tough team in Sweden and it should be our hardest game so far in the tournament.

May 12, 2010

Wednesday Morning:
So today is another game day for us, and we play Switzerland. Last night we had a nice team dinner, which was good. It consisted of potatoes, rice, chicken and then pig knuckle, which was interesting. It was a rainy day yesterday in Germany, and most of the guys just relaxed in the hotel after practice.

Today was nicer than yesterday's rain but it was a little cloudy. We had a pregame skate again before the game. It went 45 minutes and was a pretty light skate. DZ had a lot of jump in his step today in pregame and really looked dialed in for tonight.

Wednesday Evening:
Game is over, and it was 4-1 Swiss. Switzerland played really well. They play a really solid defensive game, and they make it hard to generate scoring chances. It was a disappointing loss, but we will regroup tomorrow and be ready to go for Friday.

There are a lot of Canadian fans over here in Germany supporting the team. It is pretty nice to see. Every game gets tougher from now on, and we look forward to Friday.

May 10, 2010

Monday Morning:
So Monday is here, and we have a big game today against Latvia. We had our pregame skate this morning at 10:30 a.m. for about an hour. The team looked ready to go in the pregame skate. Guys were snapping pucks around pretty good today, and the lines' chemistry seems to be getting better.

DZ and Staal look good, and as usual, those guys seem ready to go for tonight. Everyone took pregame except for Ryan Smyth, who has an apparent ankle injury.

After the skate, we had a lot of downtime, because the game was at 8:30 p.m. tonight. So I just hung out in the room and watched some shows before me and Maser (Chris Mason) took a short 90-minute pregame nap.

Monday Evening:
A 6-1 final for Canada. The guys played really well tonight, and everyone is happy. The PP was hot tonight, and Steve Stamkos and Mark Giordano played really well. Chris Mason played really well and made some great saves point-blank in the slot to keep the game scoreless in the first and second periods. He had a really good game again.

I got the start in the third and was pretty excited about making my first international appearance. It's such a huge honor to represent your country, and for me just getting invited was special, and I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the team.

I thought the third went well, and the guys battled hard in front of me, killing off some penalties. It was nice having a 6-0 lead to work with. Had a tough one go in around the 10-minute mark to wreck the shutout for Mason and the guys, which stinks. I felt a little rusty at the start but got into the flow of things later on.

A great experience for me. The game has a different feel on the Olympic-size ice. DZ and Staal played great as usual. It was a good day overall for everyone.

We have a light skate tomorrow before our game against Switzerland on Wednesday.

May 9, 2010

Our team breakfast today was held at around 9 a.m., and I felt well-rested. The breakfast here is pretty good. I usually go with scrambled eggs, some bacon, and some fruit and then stick with orange juice or water for a drink. I try and stay away from the milk here because some of the other guys had some bad experiences with it.

I'm starting to feel more rested and adjusted to the time difference here in Germany. It has taken me a few days to really get adjusted, but think I’m all settled in now.

We skated at 12 today, and it was a pretty light practice that lasted about one hour. I'm still trying to get my wind back after being off for two weeks, but every day has felt better, and my arms and legs are starting to work like normal again.

Before practice we went over some video of last night's game vs Italy. We worked on some PP and then some odd man rushes -- nothing out of the ordinary for a practice. I finished off with some rebound work at the end for fun.

Once practice was over, we had a team lunch. After lunch, all the guys usually start playing Scrabble. As for the rest of the day, most guys' afternoons consist of napping. My roommate, Chris Mason, took a long nap before we had our team dinner at 6:30 in the hotel.

After dinner tonight, I went for a walk around the hotel. A few guys tried to watch some of the other tournament games in the players' lounge. The walk was nice, especially after napping all afternoon.

I have seen a lot of great clothing stores and some nice restaurants here in Mannheim. I ran into an old part of the city and saw an old castle. I then mde my way back to the hotel and crashed for the night.

We have a big game tomorrow (Monday) against Latvia with pregame skate tomorrow at around 10:30 a.m. local time.