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Ryan Halkett, the Rangers' Vice President, Event Presentation, is known to most Blueshirts fans as the man behind the curtain at Madison Square Garden. For nearly a decade, Halkett has led the team that makes Rangers games so memorable for fans. He has a hand in everything from the videos and trivia questions that appear on Gardenvision, to the between-periods entertainment, to the music played during TV timeouts.

A native of Victoria, British Columbia, Halkett began his event-presentation career with the Vancouver Canucks. He returned to Vancouver this month to lead the group responsible for making hockey entertaining for the thousands of fans attending this year's Olympics.

This is Halkett's first Olympic experience, and he will be sharing his thoughts throughout the Games here on In the days to come, he will also be taking questions from fans here on the site. We invite Blueshirts fans to ask Ryan about his current Olympic experience and how it compares to his work with the Rangers.

Feb. 20, 2010 -- Day 5

The night before the USA-Canada game.
(photo by Ryan Halkett).
I just left the Germany-Belarus game, which was the last one played here tonight, and the streets are packed with Olympic fanatics.

There is so much anticipation for Sunday's game between Canada and Team USA. Late here at night in the streets, I saw Canadians singing "Ole, Ole, Ole" and the Canadian national anthem. Meanwhile, the U.S. fans were chanting "U-S-A, U-S-A" and battling back with the National Anthem.

I have included this photo of what the scene lookied like here, and you can see by the expression in this woman's face just how into it everybody is. The woman, by the way, came up to see the Olympics from her hometown of San Jose, Calif.

This was all happening late at night on the streets of Vancouver on the eve of the game, so I know it's going to be amazing atmosphere in there.

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