New York Rangers All-Time Roster

Ed Giacomin
When the first Rangers general manager, Conn Smythe, went looking for players to stock a new NHL team in 1926, he could have hardly known that he was laying the foundation for one of hockey's greatest traditions.

Eighty years after Smythe brought Frank Boucher, Murray Murdoch, Ivan "Ching" Johnson and the Cook brothers to New York, the Broadway Blueshirts are still going strong. Nearly 900 players have worn the Rangers uniform in NHL competition, and many of the names have become immortal in New York sports history. Many others might not have been major stars, but they formed a special bond with fans that endures to this day.

Entire generations have grown up watching the Rangers, and nothing in hockey compares to the degree of passion in Madison Square Garden when the beloved Blueshirts take the ice. In honor of the wonderful connection between the Garden Faithful and all those men who have represented the Rangers in NHL competition, we present you the Rangers' All-Time Roster.

Here you will find a page dedicated to every player who ever played for the Blueshirts. Whether the player you're looking for is Harry Howell, who played a record 1,160 games, or Larry Kwong, who played in only one, you will find him here with a photo, stats and much more. Never before on the Internet has ever Rangers player been presented in such detail.

Howell Harry Howell

There are many ways to experience the All-Time Roster. In addition to locating players based on their last names, you can also search by specific season or jersey number. Want to see all the Rangers who have been a team captain, won a major award or played in the All-Star Game? You can do that here, too.

New players will be added to the All-Time Roster as soon as they have played their first regular-season or playoff game with the Rangers, and at the end of each season, the roster will be updated with the previous year's stats for active players.

New search features will be added in the months and years to come, and we welcome your suggestions on the All-Time Roster's future development. You can e-mail such suggestions or comments to us at You can also reach us at this e-mail address if you suspect that information is missing or wish to suggest a correction.

We appreciate your feedback on this unique feature of and hope it stirs great memories for Rangers fans of all ages.

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