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  Bathgate, Howell Come Home
By the end of Sunday night’s Legendary Blue ceremony tribute to the Rangers careers of Andy Bathgate and Harry Howell, there was the indelible image of eight Rangers legends standing on the red carpet at center ice, waving to the roaring cheers of the Garden Faithful.

It was a fitting end to a moving pregame ceremony leading up to the Blueshirts’ game against a fellow Original Six team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, as Bathgate and Howell saw their Nos. 9 and 3 raised to the MSG rafters nearly 57 years after they played their first NHL games for the Blueshirts, coincidentally against Toronto. ...more
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  Stan Fischler's Top Five Moments
  Howell/Bathgate Moment No. 5
  Howell/Bathgate Moment No. 4
  Howell/Bathgate Moment No. 3
  Howell/Bathgate Moment No. 2
  Howell/Bathgate Moment No. 1
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  Dan David: "Legendary Blue" Duo Were Giants of the Original Six Era
  Dan David: Bathgate and Howell Rangers Timeline
  Stan Fischler: Bathgate a Remarkable Star
  Stan Fischler: Staal Stirs Memories of Howell
  Stan Fischler: Bathgate Should Have Won Ross in '62
  John Halligan: Bathgate Gets His Due
  John Halligan: Harry Howell Was 'Mr. Reliable'
  Dan David: Fans' Passion Same as It Ever Was
  Story of No. 3 a Trip Down Memory Lane
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  1957: Stars Make Room for Bathgate
  1958: Andy Has a Touch of Greatness
  1963: Howell Unsung Ranger Hero
  1968: Howell 'Too Good a Man to Lose'
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  Bathgate on Having His Number Retired
  Bathgate on the Jacques Plante Incident
  Howell on His Magical 1966-67 Season
  Howell, Bathgate Share Memories
  Fischler, Wolff on the Rangers Legends
  Adam Graves Night -- Feb. 3, 2009
  Andy Bathgate and Harry Howell Entrance
  Bathgate and Howell Interview
  Bathgate and Howell in WaMu Theater