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Bell, Bruce (D) Feb 15, 1965 Toronto, ON, CAN
Boutilier, Paul (D) May 3, 1963 Sydney, NS, CAN
Brubaker, Jeff (L) Feb 24, 1958 Frederick, MD, USA
Cyr, Paul (L) Oct 31, 1963 Port Alberni, BC, CAN
Dahlen, Ulf (R) Jan 21, 1967 Ostersund, SWE
DeBlois, Lucien (R) Jun 21, 1957 Joliette, QC, CAN
Dionne, Marcel (C) Aug 3, 1951 Drummondville, QC, CAN
Donnelly, Mike (L) Oct 10, 1963 Detroit, MI, USA
Duguay, Ron (C) Jul 6, 1957 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Erixon, Jan (L) Jul 8, 1962 SkellefteƄ, SWE
Froese, Bob (G) Jun 30, 1958 St. Catharines, ON, CAN
Giles, Curt (D) Nov 30, 1958 The Pas, MB, CAN
Greschner, Ron (D) Dec 22, 1954 Goodsoil, SK, CAN
Gronstrand, Jari (D) Nov 14, 1962 Tampere, FIN
Hardy, Mark (D) Feb 1, 1959 Semaden, CHE
Huber, Willie (D) Jan 15, 1958 Strasskirchen, DEU
Janssens, Mark (C) May 19, 1968 Surrey, BC, CAN
Jensen, Chris (R) Oct 28, 1963 Fort St. John, BC, CAN
Kisio, Kelly (C) Sep 18, 1959 Peace River, AB, CAN
Larouche, Pierre (C) Nov 16, 1955 Taschereau, QC, CAN
Leetch, Brian (D) Mar 3, 1968 Corpus Christi, TX, USA
MacIver, Norm (D) Sep 1, 1964 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Maloney, Don (L) Sep 5, 1958 Lindsay, ON, CAN
Melnyk, Larry (D) Feb 21, 1960 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Mullen, Brian (R) Mar 16, 1962 New York City, NY, USA
Nemeth, Steve (C) Feb 11, 1967 Calgary, AB, CAN
Nilan, Chris (R) Feb 9, 1958 Boston, MA, USA
Ogrodnick, John (L) Jun 20, 1959 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Paterson, Joe (L) Jun 25, 1960 Toronto, ON, CAN
Patrick, James (D) Jun 14, 1963 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Pavese, Jim (D) Jun 8, 1962 New York City, NY, USA
Petit, Michel (D) Feb 12, 1964 St. Malo, QC, CAN
Pichette, Dave (D) Feb 4, 1960 Grand Falls, NL, CAN
Poddubny, Walt (L) Feb 14, 1960 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Poeschek, Rudy (R) Sep 29, 1966 Kamloops, BC, CAN
Sandstrom, Tomas (R) Sep 4, 1964 Jakobstad, FIN
Scott, Ron (G) Jul 21, 1960 Guelph, ON, CAN
Shaw, David (D) May 25, 1964 St. Thomas, ON, CAN
Siltala, Mike (R) Aug 5, 1963 Toronto, ON, CAN
Talakoski, Ron (R) Jun 1, 1962 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Tinordi, Mark (D) May 9, 1966 Red Deer, AB, CAN
Vanbiesbrouck, John (G) Sep 4, 1963 Detroit, MI, USA
Walker, Gord (R) Aug 12, 1965 Castlegar, BC, CAN
Wheeldon, Simon (C) Aug 30, 1966 Vancouver, BC, CAN
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