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Allison, Mike (C) Mar 28, 1961 Fort Frances, ON, CAN
Backman, Mike (R) Jan 2, 1955 Halifax, NS, CAN
Baker, Steve (G) May 6, 1957 Boston, MA, USA
Beck, Barry (D) Jun 3, 1957 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Bothwell, Tim (D) May 6, 1955 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Davidson, John (G) Feb 27, 1953 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Dore, Andre (D) Feb 11, 1958 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Duguay, Ron (C) Jul 6, 1957 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Fotiu, Nick (L) May 25, 1952 Staten Island, NY, USA
Ftorek, Robbie (C) Jan 2, 1952 Needham, MA, USA
Gillis, Jere (L) Jan 18, 1957 Bend, OR, USA
Greschner, Ron (D) Dec 22, 1954 Goodsoil, SK, CAN
Hedberg, Anders (R) Feb 25, 1951 Ornskoldsvik, SWE
Hickey, Pat (L) May 15, 1953 Brantford, ON, CAN
Hospodar, Ed (D) Feb 9, 1959 Bowling Green, OH, USA
Johnstone, Eddie (R) Mar 2, 1954 Brandon, MB, CAN
Laidlaw, Tom (D) Apr 15, 1958 Brampton, ON, CAN
Leinonen, Mikko (C) Jul 15, 1955 Tampere, FIN
Maloney, Dave (D) Jul 31, 1956 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Maloney, Don (L) Sep 5, 1958 Lindsay, ON, CAN
McClanahan, Rob (L) Jan 9, 1958 St. Paul, MN, USA
Mio, Eddie (G) Jan 31, 1954 Windsor, ON, CAN
Morrison, Mark (C) May 11, 1963 Prince George, BC, CAN
Nethery, Lance (C) Jun 28, 1957 Toronto, ON, CAN
Pavelich, Mark (C) Feb 28, 1958 Eveleth, MN, USA
Rogers, Mike (C) Oct 24, 1954 Calgary, AB, CAN
Ruotsalainen, Reijo (D) Apr 1, 1960 Oulu, FIN
Silk, Dave (R) Jan 1, 1958 Situate, MA, USA
Talafous, Dean (R) Aug 25, 1953 Duluth, MN, USA
Vadnais, Carol (D) Sep 25, 1945 Montreal, QC, CAN
Vanbiesbrouck, John (G) Sep 4, 1963 Detroit, MI, USA
Vickers, Steve (L) Apr 21, 1951 Toronto, ON, CAN
Wallin, Peter (R) Apr 30, 1957 Stockholm, SWE
Weeks, Steve (G) Jun 30, 1958 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Younghans, Tom (R) Jan 22, 1953 St. Paul, MN, USA
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