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Balon, Dave (L) Aug 2, 1938 Wakaw, SK, CAN
Bathgate, Andy (R) Aug 28, 1932 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Belisle, Danny (R) May 9, 1937 South Porcupine, ON, CAN
Cullen, Brian (C) Nov 11, 1933 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Cunningham, Bob (C) Feb 26, 1941 Welland, ON, CAN
Fontinato, Lou (D) Jan 20, 1932 Guelph, ON, CAN
Gadsby, Bill (D) Aug 8, 1927 Calgary, AB, CAN
Gilbert, Rod (R) Jul 1, 1941 Montreal, QC, CAN
Hall, Wayne (L) May 22, 1939 Melita, MB, CAN
Hampson, Ted (C) Dec 11, 1936 Togo, SK, CAN
Hanna, John (D) Apr 5, 1935 Sydney, NS, CAN
Hannigan, Pat (L) Mar 5, 1936 Timmins, ON, CAN
Hebenton, Andy (R) Oct 3, 1929 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Henry, Camille (L) Jan 31, 1933 Quebec City, QC, CAN
Howell, Harry (D) Dec 28, 1932 Hamilton, ON, CAN
Hutchinson, Ron (C) Oct 24, 1936 Flin Flon, MB, CAN
Ingarfield, Earl (C) Oct 25, 1934 Lethbridge, AB, CAN
Johns, Don (D) Dec 13, 1937 St. George, ON, CAN
Kabel, Bob (C) Nov 11, 1934 Dauphin, MB, CAN
Kurtenbach, Orland (C) Sep 7, 1936 Cudworth, SK, CAN
Latreille, Phil (R) Apr 22, 1938 Montreal, QC, CAN
LeBrun, Al (D) Dec 1, 1940 Timmins, ON, CAN
McCartan, Jack (G) Aug 5, 1935 St. Paul, MN, USA
Morrison, Jim (D) Oct 11, 1931 Montreal, QC, CAN
Paille, Marcel (G) Dec 8, 1932 Shawinigan Falls, QC, CAN
Popein, Larry (C) Aug 11, 1930 Yorkton, SK, CAN
Prentice, Dean (L) Oct 5, 1932 Schumacher, ON, CAN
Price, Noel (D) Dec 9, 1935 Brockville, ON, CAN
Ratelle, Jean (C) Oct 3, 1940 Lac St. Jean, QC, CAN
Rochefort, Leon (R) May 4, 1939 Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QC, CAN
Ronson, Len (L) Jul 8, 1936 Brantford, ON, CAN
Schaefer, Joe (G) Dec 21, 1924 Long Island, NY, USA
Schinkel, Ken (R) Nov 27, 1932 Jansen, SK, CAN
Shack, Eddie (L) Feb 11, 1937 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Smith, Floyd (R) May 16, 1935 Perth, ON, CAN
Spencer, Irv (D) Dec 4, 1937 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Sullivan, George "Red" (C) Dec 24, 1929 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Wilson, Johnny (L) Jun 14, 1929 Kincardine, ON, CAN
Worsley, Lorne "Gump" (G) May 14, 1929 Montreal, QC, CAN
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