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Fahey, Trevor (L) Jan 4, 1944 New Waterford, NS, CAN
Fairbairn, Bill (R) Jan 7, 1947 Brandon, MB, CAN
Falk, Justin (D) BUF Oct 11, 1988 Snowflake, MB, CAN
Farrish, Dave (D) Aug 1, 1956 Wingham, ON, CAN
Fast, Jesper (R) NYR Dec 2, 1991 Nassjo, SWE
Fata, Rico (R) Feb 12, 1980 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
Featherstone, Glen (D) Jul 8, 1968 Toronto, ON, CAN
Fedorov, Fedor (L) Jun 11, 1981 Moscow, RUS
Fedotenko, Ruslan (L) Jan 18, 1979 Kiev, UKR
Fedyk, Brent (R) Mar 8, 1967 Yorkton, SK, CAN
Feltrin, Tony (D) Dec 6, 1961 Ladysmith, BC, CAN
Fenton, Paul (L) Dec 22, 1959 Springfield, MA, USA
Ferraro, Chris (C) Jan 24, 1973 Port Jefferson, NY, USA
Ferraro, Peter (R) Jan 24, 1973 Port Jefferson, NY, USA
Ferraro, Ray (C) Aug 23, 1964 Trail, BC, CAN
Ferriero, Benn (C) Apr 29, 1987 Boston, MA, USA
Finley, Jeff (D) Apr 14, 1967 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Fiorentino, Peter (D) Dec 22, 1968 Niagara Falls, ON, CAN
Fisher, Dunc (R) Aug 30, 1927 Regina, SK, CAN
Fitzpatrick, Sandy (C) Dec 22, 1944 Paisley, GBR
Flatley, Patrick (R) Oct 3, 1963 Toronto, ON, CAN
Fleming, Reg (R) Apr 21, 1936 Montreal, QC, CAN
Fleury, Theoren (R) Jun 29, 1968 Oxbow, SK, CAN
Foley, Gerry (R) Sep 22, 1932 Ware, MA, USA
Fonteyne, Val (L) Dec 2, 1933 Wetaskiwin, AB, CAN
Fontinato, Lou (D) Jan 20, 1932 Guelph, ON, CAN
Forbes, Colin (L) Feb 16, 1976 New Westminster, BC, CAN
Foster, Harry "Yip" (D) Nov 25, 1907 Guelph, ON, CAN
Foster, Herb (L) Aug 9, 1913 Brockville, ON, CAN
Fotiu, Nick (L) May 25, 1952 Staten Island, NY, USA
Francis, Emile (G) Sep 13, 1926 North battleford, SK, CAN
Franks, Jim (G) Nov 8, 1914 Melville, SK, CAN
Fraser, Archie (C) Feb 9, 1914 Souris, MB, CAN
Fraser, Scott (R) May 3, 1972 Moncton, NB, CAN
Fritsche, Dan (C) Jul 13, 1985 Parma, OH, USA
Froese, Bob (G) Jun 30, 1958 St. Catharines, ON, CAN
Frolov, Alex (L) Jun 19, 1982 Moscow, RUS
Ftorek, Robbie (C) Jan 2, 1952 Needham, MA, USA
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